Knowing your hair type will help you determine which tools are suitable and which heat setting to use. The best way to see your true curl pattern is after you have washed your hair and it has aired-dried without any product in your hair. You will see and feel your hair’s natural curl patterns, texture and condition: from soft to coarse and moisturized to dehydrated. There are many specific hair conditions such as dry, color-treated and chemically processed. Let’s begin with basic knowledge and focus on fine, medium or coarse hair.

If you have....   Your Hair Can Handle...
Healthy, Fine Hair 300°
Strong, Coarse Hair  400°


Hair Texture: Depends on the thickness or diameter of the individual hair strand (compare a thin rope to a thick rope or a piece of thread to a piece of yarn) along with the condition of the cuticle.

Fine- The smallest diameter - more fragile; easier to process; susceptible to damage.

Medium- The most common and is considered normal, does not pose any specific problem. It is thinner than coarse hair and thicker than fine hair.

Coarse-  Has the largest diameter, stronger than fine and medium hair, usually requires more processing time and may be resistant to styling.

Tourmaline-ceramic products are suited to all hair types while Titanium tools are recommended for coarse and thick hair types as when used incorrectly they can cause damage to fine hair. Please select tools best suited to your hair type and always be aware of the temperature setting.

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